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Open Collective
WBWMA needs you more than ever!
Published on May 28, 2020 by Catherine Crowther

WBWMA needs your help to continue serving families in need! We have been overwhelmed with requests for groceries this past week and on Sunday, had to temporarily pause all requests from those unable to pay, we have since resumed, but need to get some more cash in to make sure that doesn't happen again. If everyone in here can commit to doing at least one of the following items this week, we would quickly be in better shape. Thank you all for the amazing work you're doing to help your neighbors!

  1. If you are able, please make a donation, any amount really does help, and a recurring monthly donation is even more helpful.
  2. Share our fundraising page on your personal social media pages with a note about how you're involved as a volunteer and why. 
  3. Share our fundraising page via email (or social page if applicable) with your friends, family and/or any local groups you're a part of (parenting groups, block associations, professional groups, sports teams, etc.) 
  4. Ask a local business to contribute in some way (financial contribution, food donation/discount, share flyer/fundraiser with their email list)
  5. Commit to carrying flyers with you when you're out and ask places you pass to put them in their windows - this serves a dual purpose, it alerts neighbors that we exist and are here to help, and also alerts neighbors that we need contributions and volunteers!