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Open Collective
Update on your contribution to WBWMA
Published on May 17, 2020 by Catherine Crowther

Hi neighbors,

Thank you for your continued support of West Brooklyn Waterfront Mutual Aid!

I want to share a few highlights of what we've accomplished so far. In just two months, we have raised $4,251 from 48 generous donors and fulfilled 66 requests for groceries, medication, and other essential services like PPE delivery. WBWMA has provided financial assistance for 24 of these requests.

We have also started a weekly delivery of produce and other fresh food to the Senior Center at Wyckoff Gardens.

We have been able to fulfill some requests outside of the West Brooklyn Waterfront area, like a grocery delivery for a family of 6 in East Flatbush, groceries for a family of 7 in Red Hook, and multiple deliveries of groceries to families in East New York.

The number of requests per week is steadily increasing as more people are learning about our organization. You can continue to support us by:

  1. Signing up to make a recurring monthly donation on Open Collective
  2. Monitor our Slack channels to take on delivery requests
  3. Join the #resource_committee Slack channel to take on other volunteer opportunities (e.g. Partnerships)