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Webform now supports option limits as well as submission limits
Published on October 23, 2019 by Jacob Rockowitz

About submission limits

Submission limits allow site builders to define how many submissions are allowed per webform, source entity, or user. Once a submission limit is met, a custom message is displayed. Submission limits per user and source entity can be used to create a dedicated user/information profiles, and are also trackable via tokens and by placing the 'Submission limits' block.

Submission limits can be used to restrict the number of event registrants or job applicants and are defined as webform settings that can be entered via a webform's submission settings page.

About option limits

Options limits allow site builders to specify how many submissions are allowed per an element's options. Elements that support options include a select menu, checkboxes, radios, and buttons. Option limits can be defined per option with a custom message append each option. The custom message can display the limit, remaining, and total submission. Once an options limit is met, the option can be disabled or removed. Once all option limits are another custom message is displayed. Finally, an element's option limit progress is tracked via a dedicated report.

Option limits can be used to limit the number of event registrants per room or used to track a product inventory. Option limits are defined as configuration settings using the 'Options limits' handler.


Sponsoring a feature

This new options limits feature was sponsored by Steve Babbitt from Mile3 ( Mile3 had a client who needed this feature. Steve read this blog post and decided to reach out to me via the Webform module's issue queue.

If you want to sponsor a feature, please read my blog post and create a ticket in the Webform module's issue queue.

Backing the Webform module

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