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Mutual aid organization helping neighbors in need during COVID-19 in Washington DC, Ward 2


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GW Student Association

$10,000 USD since Dec 2020

Sarah Johnson

$6,000 USD since Dec 2020

Luther Place Church

$6,000 USD since Sep 2021

Josef Burton

$3,400 USD since Nov 2020

Brendan Freehart

$2,900 USD since Oct 2020

Jennifer Lentfer

$2,750 USD since Oct 2020

Rebecca Ballard

$2,058.88 USD since Dec 2020


$2,000 USD since Jan 2022

christine frye

$1,200 USD since Apr 2021

Peyton Jane Gibson

$1,173 USD since Sep 2020

Erin Boyland

$900 USD since Sep 2020

Collin Bradley

$900 USD since Mar 2021

Cassidy Webb

$850 USD since Mar 2021

Andrea Flores

$800 USD since Sep 2020

Molly Porter

$800 USD since Dec 2020


Amalgamated Charitable Foundation

$10,000 USD since Aug 2021

Open Collective Foundation

$2,281.76 USD since Sep 2020

18th Street Lounge

$1,000 USD since Oct 2021

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GW Student As...

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Amalgamated C...

$10,000 USD

Sarah Johnson

$6,000 USD

Luther Place ...

$6,000 USD

Josef Burton


$3,400 USD


What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual aid is “cooperation for the sake of the common good.” It’s getting people to come together to meet each other’s needs, recognizing that as humans, our survival is dependent on one another. 

Mutual Aid is a practice and politics that emphasizes solidarity rather than charity. It means we recognize that our well-being, health and dignity are all bound up in each other. It means that we understand our survival depends on cooperation, not competition. In this particular moment, we see that our health is also dependent on other people’s health, and we can literally save each other’s lives. Rather than disengage and feel powerless, mutual aid allows us to plug in where we can make the most impact — locally. 

Mutual aid IS...
  • Getting people together in your community to provide material support to each other
  • Building relationships with your neighbors based on trust and common interest
  • Making decisions by consensus rather than relying on authority and hierarchy
  • Sharing things rather than hoarding things
  • Treating no one as disposable
  • Providing all kinds of support, ranging from food prep to childcare to translation to emotional support, and recognizing the value of all of them
  • A political education opportunity, where we build the relationships and analysis to understand why we are in the conditions that we're in
  • Preparation for the next disaster (natural or economic). Next time around we'll already have relationships with each other and know who is vulnerable and needs support
  • A great jumping off point for other kinds of organizing and movement work
Mutual aid IS NOT...
  • Quid pro quo transactions
  • Only for disasters or crises
  • Charity or a way to "save" people
  • A reason for a social safety net not to exist

DC Mutual Aid Network

The DC Mutual Aid Network (DCMA) is a grassroots community-led effort looking to take care of each other and keep our city as safe as possible.
  • DCMA is a decentralized, community-led effort, so there is no single group that runs the network.
  • There are autonomous groups for Wards 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Wards 7 & 8 are served together by one group.
  • The DCMA Network is governed by the ward groups on topics of social media, website, fundraising, etc. The groups also share resources, best practices and offer referrals to other groups.

Ward 2 Efforts

Ward 2 Mutual Aid is part of the larger DCMA Network. Our concrete activities are:
  • Hotline - Volunteers staff our hotline, where Ward 2 residents can call and request assistance.
  • Groceries - We provide a biweekly grocery bag delivery to ~150 families that request it through our hotline or building captains. The bags include fresh produce, protein, dry goods, and requested household items.
  • Encampment Outreach - We organize a weekly supply drop to ~80 unhoused neighbors.
  • Building captains - We organize with local residents to utilize their leadership and relational networks. Building captains check on neighbors, relay needs, and assist with food donations and distribution.
  • Back to school - We organize with local parents to host a book and clothing swap.
  • Hot meals - For neighbors without access to a kitchen or with limited ability to cook, we connect them we other Ward 2 residents willing to drop off hot meals.
  • Support for high risk/immuno-compromised individuals - We have been partnering with local public housing buildings to drop off cleaning supplies, masks, and groceries.
We're excited to connect and build with you! Fill out this short form to stay connected to what's going on with Ward 2 Mutual Aid: bit.ly/W2MAsignup

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News from Ward 2 Mutual Aid

Updates on our activities and progress.

Request for Cash Assistance

Friends + supporters, Thank you for contributing to our tent fundraiser – you helped us order 13 tents for our unhoused neighbors! We are now raising funds for cash assistance to our unhoused and housing-insecure community members; many nee...
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Published on January 12, 2022 by Niyati Shah

Request for Tents + Tent Donations!

Friends + supporters, Since October 2020, Ward 2 Mutual Aid and the People for Fairn...
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Published on January 4, 2022 by Niyati Shah

December 2021

Friends + supporters, This year, we saw how mutual aid and collective care have the power to subvert capitalist structures that oppress Black, brown, low-income, and unhoused people. We can destabilize societal inequities by creating ecosys...
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Published on December 31, 2021 by Niyati Shah


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