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Vue.js Frankfurt

We organise events where members of the community are invited to speak about Vue.js and related topics, as well as Hacktoberfest Frankfurt, and event that brings our local communities together to celebrate Open Source Software.



Vue.js Frankfurt is hosting the following events.

Past event
03:00 PM-09:30 PM UTC
Hacktoberfest Frankfurt is a community event organised around Hacktoberfest, a month long celebra...Read more

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Hacktoberfest Frankfurt

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Welcome to Vue.js Frankfurt! 🎉

We hope to build a diverse and vibrant Vue community in Frankfurt and the surrounding Rhein Main area. We organise regular events where we invite members of the community to talk about Vue.js related topics. We also organise Hacktoberfest Frankfurt as a way to get as many communities in our area together to celebrate Open Source software.

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