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Pitch Perfect 5 - A Roaring Success! 💖⭐
Published on December 1, 2021 by Accountable

Thank you again to our wonderful pitchers of the evening - Hugh, Hannah, Jess, Juliette and Tim! You were all fantastic and it was so wonderful to hear about all the work you are doing and your plans for future projects:

  • It was wonderful to hear from Hugh, and the work Environment Plymouth Green Recovery Plan is doing in their local area and their plans for a green living bin store. 
  • Tim from Cambridge Solidarity Fund shared with us how any prize money that was won would go directly to people who needed immediate support, such as being able to have the power on for a few days in their homes. 
  • Jess and Hannah from London Solidarity Fund Federation shared in their pitch how the prize money would go towards increasing the size of their focus group to collect data on the evaluation of their basic income conversation. 
  • Juliette shared with us how at The Celebrate STEAM Initiative they were collecting local 360 footage to allow people to view it on VR headsets. 

Thank you also to everyone who came along to support and watch and made the evening so wonderful! 💖

We are so pleased to announce the results as follows! (and check out their pages too!)

🥇 In first place, winning £300
🥈 In second place, winning £200

🥉 In third place, winning £100
🏵️ In fourth place, winning £50
This was our final Pitch Perfect of 2021, so we can’t wait to see you in the new year for more Pitch Perfect events! In the meantime we hope you all have a lovely festive period!

Thank you and have a lovely rest of your week! 

The Accountable Team