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NZ & UK Premiere In The Bag
Published on March 25, 2022 by Harry Knight

Dear friends and family,

Maria and I made it back to the UK after a great time in NZ.

It was so great to share the film with you at Lumiere Cinemas. Jesse (Director) and I were lucky enough to host a screening here in the UK at The Litte Theatre Picturehouse for all the crew, contributors and supporters. Below is a photo of a panel we held on the evening featuring Kate Morton from Bath Mind (mental health charity), Jesse the director, and a few of our contributors.

I also wanted to share a photo from the evening we shared together taken by Naomi Haussmann.

Our next steps with the film are to:

  1. Build a website that will host a safe and curated online viewing experience of the film along with links to charities and organisations that can support people who may be suffering from mental ill-health.
  2. Submit the film to festivals in the UK and abroad.
  3. Edit additional audio stories for inclusion on the website using our extensive archive of interviews. These personal testimonies will offer further insight into what it can be like to experience mental ill-health and some of the coping and healing techniques and strategies our contributors found helpful.

We're grateful to have already received some financial support after both screenings, and wish to thank you again for your generosity. If you're able to help us in this way, we welcome your contributions towards our next steps.

If this is not an option we'd appreciate it just as much if you could share our fundraising page and trailer with anyone you think might be interested.

You can keep in touch with us in the following ways...
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Equally, if you have any ideas and suggestions for further screenings, or that might help us with our fundraising, please let us know. You can reply by clicking the 'comment' button below.

Thanks again and look forward to seeing you again soon, perhaps with another film to share!

Warm regards,

Harry (& Jess)