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What we did in 2022
Published on February 15, 2023 by Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová

In November 2022, we held our annual Open House a meeting in which we summarize the work that has been done with/around The Hologram as well as the projects planned for the future.

You can watch the recap of the first part of the Open House in this video:

Among the highlights was the introduction of a User's Spell, a document informed by what we learned over the past two years about what it necessary and what it takes to facilitate the Hologram in public. From now on, this Spell is going to be used as the guidelines for any work with/in The Hologram.

We also compiled a list of all the resources available to the public that the Hologram has produced so far.

A full "receipt" of public events, tools, and other activities that we organized in 2022 can be found in this pdf.

In the second part of the Open House, we heard from organizers who have done, are working on, or are developing a project with/in The Hologram. These included:

For projects from the past year:
Maro Pantazidou reporting on the spring Neutron Star Meeting about Hologram dreams for decentralization
Lara Hueston's reserach of the Hologram as an example of social sustainability for the CreaTures
Hannah Stockwell who was a designer-in-residence with us in the summer
Lyra Hill, Shawn Chua, Stella Lawless, and Lauren Klein for the self-organized group of Familiars "We need more time for closure!"
Max Haiven and Leigh Claire who reported on a writers' retreat using the protocol, which they organized in Berlin
Cassie Thornton and Magda Hartelova about the 6th free public Hologram course they co-facilitated with Alex Navarrete in May
Tina Munroe who co-facilitated (with Cassie and Stella) an in-person workshop in Montreal workshop, and wrote a Land Acknowledgment for The Hologram to use
Fran Ugalde about the exhibition at the Museum of Psychology in Akron
Jonathan Lee who directed a Hologram explainer video (below) to be used for public outreach

For in-progress activities:
Lita Wallis, Sage Jaff, and Alex Navarrete who were teaching the 7th Holo Course at that time
Alice Yuan Zhang summarized her research project of mutual aid resonances
Fauve reported on the adaptation of Hologram at Carers Common Room in London
Rosten Woo who is currently developing a course curriculum to make teaching Hologram courses more accessible to a variety of facilitators
Hannah Rose Fox who is the current MVH Administrix
Eleonora Toniolo reported on the weekly Berlin Hologrammer meetups
Sarah Adelaide who co-facilitated (with Cassie, Florence, and Magda) a potential series of Berlin in-person workhops
Mwenza Blell who is part of the local Newcastle community of Hologram practitioners that was established after the 2021 in person course there
Florence Freitag reported on Practice Portal, the seasonal public online event for anybody to practice the Hologram together
and Cassie Thornton introduced the Office Hours, a weekly working group of all Holo admins

For future projects:
Magda Hartelova introduced the idea of UGH, an assembly of all organizers with/in The Hologram that will be the next step towards the project's decentralization
Florence Freitag reported on the plans to open a free "clinic" in Berlin
Stella Lawless talked about their intent to hologram Hologramers about money
Jamie Woodcock introduced the project with Cassie Thornton in which they plan to combine the Hologram protocol with Workers Inquiry and experiment with it at Trust (Berlin)
Lorraine Campbell spoke about their hope to integrate the protocol into their Star Parent Project for trauma informed parenting
and Ruth Catlow reported about the upcoming UK retreat Living the Proposition that will utilize the protocol to talk about creative work and its alignment with our lives

You can see notes from the second section in our Riseup Pad.