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Open Collective
What we did in 2021
Published on March 31, 2022 by Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová

The Hologram has started over six years ago, slowly germinating as an idea and a protocol. In 2020, it began its more public life and since then it has been growing and morphing as more and more people from couches all over the world practice it. A book came out about The Hologram in 2020. And you can listen to the story of its coming to life on our website, on the For Familiars page:

In September 2021, we held an Open House meeting to summarize what we have done so far, to glow over and reminisce together some of the things that we did, remember and imagine together where we are going:

We have been also actively working on making The Hologram a fully decentralized project. The way it pops up at us from very unexpected corners is encouraging. How to fully get there, we don't know yet...

For now, this is what the flow of our work looks like:

You can read the Hologram Receipt that includes these and other things we have done, people who have been involved, the institutions that supported us financially, etc here.