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A programme offering tools, community and courage to participate in online conversations that may involve racism, hate speech and other harmful beliefs


Tauiwi Tautoko translates as 'non-Māori in support.' It is for all tauiwi (non-Māori) to support those who are targets of racism in online spaces. Initially designed for non-Māori to address racism towards Māori, the Christchurch terror attacks of 15 March 2019 prompted us to expand to all forms of racism towards Māori, POC, Muslims, and people of refugee backgrounds.

The principle of 'tautoko', or support, is core to our approach: we train and support those who are not the target of a particular form of racism to address that racism, in support of those who are the target. In this way, the programme provides an opportunity for tauiwi to lift some of the burden of dismantling racism off the shoulders of indigenous folk and people of colour.

Tauiwi Tautoko was originally developed by ActionStation. It started off as a community project to see how we could address racism on the internet. We believe that Tangata Tiriti - tauiwi Pākehā (European descent), tauiwi of colour, and tauiwi Moana (Pasifika) - have a role to play in anti-racism. ActionStation collaborated with Dr. Emily Beausoleil from Victoria University of Wellington to equip volunteers with evidence-based listening and messaging techniques, to have more effective interactions ‘calling in’ racism by other tauiwi online.

The Tauiwi Tautoko course content is available freely for anyone to engage with. This page is here to accept optional koha to support improving and maintaining the course and resource facilitation for groups undertaking this learning.

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Updates on our activities and progress.

We have a new website! is live! Find out all about the course, sign up, learn about the people and ideas behind the kaupapa, and engage with fu...
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Published on June 26, 2022 by Alanna Irving

New 10 week programs in Wellington, Auckland and Nelson

Kia ora tātou, We are excited to announce our first formal 10 week program since 2019, thanks Covid! Three cohorts of max 25 participants will kick off in April. These will happen in Wellington and Auckland simultaneously, with a full-day i...
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Published on February 27, 2022 by Ann Cloet

Tauiwi Tautoko Update & Plan - early 2022

In December, we held a hui with some key members of the Tauiwi Tautoko (TT) community, from its original founders and mentors to recent arrivals with new energy for the future (although not everyone was able to attend who we would have love...
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Published on February 1, 2022 by Alanna Irving


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