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TailwindCSS Classnames

Functional and type-safe TailwindCSS Classnames and more using TypeScript.


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TailwindCSS is based on strings and with some nice tooling on top like TailwindCSS VSCode extension you get a pretty descent experience. That said, there are limitations to a purely declarative approach of strings. 

When using tailwindcss-classnames you will get additional power in the form of:

  •  Validation of classnames: You can not write the wrong classname, cause the API only allows you to insert valid classnames
  •  Functional approach: Since we are working in Typescript we get more freedom in using functional powers like composition and dynamic composition
  • Defining by variables: Even though it is nice to write TailwindCSS inline with your elements, it does not scale. You want to move definitions outside of the component for reusability and composition
  • Support for all editors and IDEs: Because it's just TypeScript types, you get these powers in all editors and IDEs that support TypeScript.
You can not get this experience using pure TailwindCSS and the VSCode extension, but you do get it with tailwindcss-classnames.

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