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Helping Ukrainian refugees who are escaping the brutal Russian invasion, to settle in the Chicagoland area. Organized by three families from Evanston and Park Ridge. 100% of funds raised go to support sponsored families.


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About the Collective

The Sunflower Collective is made up of three families from Evanston and Park Ridge, IL  that were distraught by the news of the illegal invasion of Ukraine, and felt helpless to assist efforts a world away. Looking to funnel their anger and disbelief into action, the families banded together with a common goal of directly helping Ukrainian refugees. 

We are currently assisting families with resettlement in the Chicagoland area through Uniting for Ukraine, a sponsorship program through the Department of Homeland Security, that was recently announced by the Biden Administration. 

The first family that the collective is sponsoring is the Studinskiy family from Kyiv. 

The Studinskiys are family friends of Kostya Katz, one of Sunflower Collective founding members and are being directly sponsored by the Collective.

Company Match & Tax Deductions

The Sunflower Collective accepts donations through our fiscal sponsor Open Collective. Open Collective Foundation (OCF) is a 501c3 which means donations made to us are tax deductible. EIN 81-4004928.

When you donate, there is a 4% fee that goes to cover their operating expenses. Again, you may also choose to cover that fee so that 100% of your donation goes to the family.

To have your company match your donation, follow these instructions:

Meet our first family, the Studinskiy's

The Studinskiy’s (Andrei, Natasha, Nikita and Timofei) are a humble, hardworking family who never thought they would be facing an impossible choice between living in constant fear in their own home or leaving everything behind and fleeing their homeland. Natasha and her boys are leaving Andrei behind so he can fight for their country. They are stuffing what they can into a suitcase and backpacks, leaving Ukraine for Chicago.

Over the coming weeks, we will be assisting the family with travel. When they arrive, we’ll be focused on finding them an apartment, furnishing it, and helping the family with groceries, clothing, and helping get the boys into schools. As soon as we get them on their feet, our focus will turn to helping them with more permanent immigration status and helping Natasha find work to support her boys.

Our team

John Renaldi

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News from Sunflower Collective

Updates on our activities and progress.

September Update

Hello everyone, Apologies for being quiet for the past few weeks, but everyone has been super busy so we fell a bit behind on keeping you up to date on the latest developments... Our first Ukrainian family (Studinskyi Natalia, Tima, and Nik...
Read more
Published on October 3, 2022 by Kostya Katz

First two weeks in Chicago

Hello everybody and thank you once again for your amazing donations and for your kind messages for the Studinskyi family. They have now been in Chicago for 2+ weeks and we've been busy trying to get them acquainted with the surroundings, in...
Read more
Published on August 5, 2022 by Kostya Katz

On their way to Chicago!

The SAS Airlines strike is finally over, just In time for Natasha and the boys to head to Warsaw earlier this morning to bo...
Read more
Published on July 20, 2022 by John Renaldi


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