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Streetlives and a coalition of organizations and experts, including young people of lived experience of homelessness, undertook a 6-month research and design project to propose a new digital platform for NYC youth experiencing homelessness....
Streetlives' COVID-19 response platform, GoGetta, is now live.GoGetta is a community-built mobile website that provides real-time, peer and provider validated social service information ...
Covid-19 response
Published on May 6, 2020 by Adam Bard
We have been busy re-designing and re-engineering our user-facing platform and data gathering tools to respond to the pandemic and provide trustworthy info on social service changes to the service user. To help us in that effort we are v...
Streetlives Q2 & Q3 Updates
Published on November 27, 2019 by Adam Bard
Click in to access overviews of Streetlives' 2019 Q2 and
We're happy to share that Streetlives received an honorable mention in the social justice category of
Streetlives 2019 Q1 Report
Published on April 25, 2019 by Adam Bard
Click in to access our Q1 report, which covers product, growth and community aspects of work. Not all links in...
Hi Everyone,Everything Streetlives does begins with the community. We co-create all our products with people with lived experience of homelessness and those in other vulnerable communities. We're about to embark on a build of an experime...
Q1 2019 Objectives and Key Results
Published on January 23, 2019 by Adam Bard
Streetlives product and growth objectives and key results for Q1 2019 are defined through core team meetings and community feedback.Product:Learn about the challenges users will encounter when searching for servicesGathe...