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Support the launch of SPEAK Brussels!
Published on November 28, 2018 by Chloé Van Soest

Well hello there!

SPEAK Brussels has arrived!

Nicolas and I (Chloé) will be building this initiative here in Brussels. As a culture and language exchange experience, SPEAK wants to connect newcomers with locals living in the same city.

Brussels is an unfinished, dynamic and multicultural city facing many challenges and we believe that SPEAK can encourage a pleasant social environment with a positive impact on the well-being of people living here.

SPEAK was founded in 2014 in Portugal and is now in 5 countries and 12 cities. SPEAK thrives in cities where diversity is a reality...

So here we are - SPEAK Brussels - a new #BrusselsTogether collective -

We are getting ready to organise a first MeetUp in December and have the first language sessions scheduled for February!

In the meantime (and all the time...) we can use all the support we can get...

1. We launched a crowdfundingcampaign and have set out goal to € 5000 which reflects the start-up costs of launching SPEAK in Brussels.

So yes, this is a call to action!

Every euro you can donate brings us one step closer to making Brussels a more inclusive social city...

2. Brussels is open on

 Login and add languages to the wish list. This way we can see what you are interested in learning and/or in teaching!

3. Join our Facebookgroup and keep an eye out for our first events!

4. Become our first monthly backer and help us sustain our activities in the long run!

We are very happy to be joining #BrusselsTogether and hope SPEAK Brussels will grow into an amazing community of newcomers and locals.

Do you have questions, suggestions?

Please do get in touch. And start sharing your world.



Chloé ( & Nicolas (