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Sourcery 1.4.1 Released
Published on April 29, 2021 by Krzysztof Zabłocki

Sourcery 1.4.1 was released with support for new .sourcerytemplate files created by Sourcery Pro standalone app.

Sourcery Pro provides a much more powerful way to create stencil based templates with code-completion, inline documentation and type information but also extends Xcode to support live templates right in your IDE, this opens up completely new workflows that aren't possible with standard CLI automation, some examples:
  • Kickstarting your Composable Architecture / GRDB boilerplate
  • Generate property level tests
  • Generate test specs from your classes
  • Generate SwiftUI view from a struct
There is a lot of code patterns that we start off with same kind of code but then have to manually tweak, CLI automation wouldn't work here but Pro Live templates do fit that use-case very well, hope you enjoy it 😉