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Open Collective
Working on our next release
Published on July 29, 2022 by Ferdinand Thommes

Thanks a lot for your ongoing financial support. We are working on our next release, which will, besides the usual upgrades, have some nice features. I can mention a new backend to apt, that does not only make dist-upgrades faster, but also makes the different steps a lot easier to grasp and visually more pleasing. Of course, you will have a choice to stick to good old apt or use the new method.

An old idea of mine is to bring snapshots easily manageable to siduction. Unfortunately, it will not happen with the upcoming release, but maybe with the next one. I think it would pair up nicely with the stable unstable character of siduction these days.

We might be going to our first convention in 3 years at the end of August, which happens to be FrOSCon in St. Augustin, Germany. 

And now enjoy the summer and your vacation time. Stay healthy!