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Open Collective
Next release planned for holiday season
Published on August 31, 2021 by Ferdinand Thommes

Thanks a lot for your ongoing financial support! Things might seem calm on the surface, but we are planning siduction 2021.3.0 to be released during the holiday season.  Improvements we are looking into are:
  • Using more of Calamares' functionality to make installing siduction even easier
  • Work on the English translation of the siduction manual and hope to have it ready for you for siduction 2021.3.0
  • We will be testing Inet Wireless Daemon (iwd) for other flavours. You can already test it now with the images of noX, Xorg and the Plasma Future image we released with 2021.2.0
  • Besides that, we will try to ship Plasma 5.23. If anyone is willing to help with GNOME, we might be able to ship GNOME 41.
Until then, please be safe and stay healthy!