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Open Collective
🌱 The Beginning is near! The Northside church is becoming Shared Ground…
Published on September 4, 2022 by Drew Hornbein

Hello everyone 👋 thank you so much for all those who showed up Thursday, August 4th. Extra-special thanks to Kitchen Door for sponsoring dinner and to Marin at FoodBridge for cooking it!

We spent the evening discussing the Northside Church project, which many of you voted to call Shared Ground.

Are you interested in getting involved with this project? Fill you our 📝 interest form and share the story and form with anyone else you know who might want to get involved.

In the meantime, we wanted to share the harvest document where we’ve captured all the feedback you shared during the event.

Some Feedback Highlights:
  • Creating an inclusive and welcoming space is critical, especially with regards to ADA access, BIPOC community members and displaced Northside residents
  • Monthly member fee, with a sliding scale for BIPOC individuals and/or those have been displaced from the Northside, of $30 - 40
  • Dozens of creative ideas for what could happen in the space: tool libraries, CSA dropoff points, childcare, dancing, community meals and so much more
  • “Shared Ground” is a better name than “Denver Resilience Hub”!