Open Collective
Open Collective

Sebastian Alfonso


Entrepreneur passionate about technology. Blockchain, ICO, Openstack, Virtualization


​ ​I currently have a small data center with 10 racks. Where I offer cloud services. It is a company legally registered 4 years ago. And the VisualHosting brand has 15 years in the web hosting market. What I am looking for is to reach this endeavor on a large scale that I started 4 years ago. And for that, I look for capital. what I want to put together are about 1000 m2 of datacenter a total infrastructure between data center and offices of 2500m2. The data center will be powered by self-renewable energy (clean energy) which will come from solar source, heat from the equipment itself and recycling) in turn the Data Center will be Blockchain friendly allowing the development of technology, making use and researching it. For example let's accept digital currencies as a form of payment and we will make smart contracts to speed up times. ​