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ScanAPI is a testing framework that provides automated integration testing and live documentation for any REST API.

Given an API specification, written in YAML/JSON format, the library hits the specified endpoints, runs the test cases, and generates a detailed report of this execution - that can be also used as the API documentation itself.

With few lines, the user can define endpoints to be hit, the expected behaviors for each response, and, as a result, receives a full real-time diagnostic of the API. 

Why ScanAPI?

  • It works for any REST API, doesn't matter how it was built;
  • It is extremely useful for testing and documenting both owned and third-party APIs;
  • It is possible to chain requests, which is essential for testing complex scenarios;
  • The documentation is automatically generated, it never gets outdated;
  • It is simple. The syntax is simple, and it requires almost no language-specific knowledge;
  • It is extremely flexible, once pure python code is accepted in the specification;
  • There is nothing in the market that does what ScanAPI does.

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