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Rodborough Community Mutual Aid Network

We support and coordinate small street-based volunteer groups that support vulnerable residents in the Stroud Parish of Rodborough during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Rodborough Community Mutual Aid Network (RCMAN) set up when the Covid-19 pandemic began to take hold in the UK. 

We do the following: 
  • coordinate and support local street-based networks/groups (these groups offer physical support to residents in those streets that includes shopping, collecting prescriptions, phone calls, walking dogs, etc). 
  • run a community phoneline that can be called by anyone in the Parish who needs assistance. This is staffed by volunteers who all have current DBS checks and references.
  • coordinate a befriending service in the Parish that matches isolated people with each other so that they can share phonecalls and support each other.

The funds raised here are for RCMAN itself and all of the local street-based networks in the Parish that we support. Please see the list at the bottom of this document for the full list of 22 networks that we support and the streets that they cover. 

With the funding we will do the following 
  • provide appropriate PPE for volunteers in the street-based networks/groups who are providing physical support for vulnerable people – currently the plan is to provide gloves for volunteers, along with the current best practice guidelines to ensure that they are used safely and effectively. 
  • set up a Community Float to enable volunteers to purchase essential food and supplies for vulnerable people in the Parish who cannot pay (whether that is due to poverty or temporary lack of access to banking facilities). We believe that there are approximately 750-1000 vulnerable individuals in the Parish that may need the support of our volunteers; SDC are already referring individuals directly to us. We know that not all of the vulnerable people in the Parish will be supported by the centralised support services/networks (ie local and national government) and we foresee that this is where the main bulk of our funds will be needed. 
  • Pay for posters and leaflets, as appropriate, in order to help us reach every household in the Parish.

 Street-based networks/groups in Rodborough that RCMAN coordinates and supports:

Arundel Drive 

Ash Road 

Butterow (including Butterow Lane, Butterow Hill, Rodborough Lane, Butterow West, Bagpath, Swell’s Hill, Over Butterow) 

Butts (including the Butts, Tabernacle Walk, Dark Lane) 

Castlemead Rd 

Chandos Rd (including Warwick Close, Heather Close, Hill Court) 

Coronation Rd 

Eros Close (incuding Erin Park) 

Fishers Way 

Hill Close 

Kings Rd 

Kingscourt Lane 

Kitesnest Lane (including Orchard View, Larksfield Rd, Birch Rd) 

Lower Bath Rd (from B&Q to Woodchester) 

Lower Spillmans 

Middle Spillmans 

Private Rd (including The Hithe, Bear Hill) 

Rodborough Avenue 

Rodborough Hill (including Field Rd) 

Spillmans (including Spillmans Pitch) 

Upper Bath Rd (from B&Q to The Clothiers – including Frome Avenue, Frome Park Rd, Brickfield Terrace) 

Walkley Hill (including Rectory close, Church Place, Southgate Crescent, Southgate Gardens, Courtway) 

Please see this map that shows each of the networks and the area they cover, with the boundaries of the Parish overlaid. 

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