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Re-NABLE OpenCollective Platform for the e-NABLE community.

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A funding platform for e-NABLE chapters and projects; a project of Rochester e-NABLE Limited.


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Connected Collectives

Connected Collective
The e-NABLE Fund
A collectively-governed fund for the e-NABLE community, administered by Rochester e-NABLE Limited

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Connected Collective
Guala - Manos en Acción
Provide functional and customized prosthetic devices produced with digital manufacturing tools.

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Rochester e-NABLE Lab
Creating and supporting high tech high touch changemakers in Rochester NY.

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Re-NABLE OpenCollective Platform for the e-NABLE community. is all of us

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We're using OpenCollective to make it easy for e-NABLE teams, chapters, and projects to self-organize and fund worthy endeavors.

Write to Jon Schull to inquire about setting up your own e-NABLE sub-collective on this platform.

Donations made via this website are subject to a 10% processing fee (5% goes to OpenCollective, 5% to Rochester Enable Limited, a New York State non-profit . For larger donations, we can accept bank transfers or checks to reduce fees.

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