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React Static

A fast, lightweight, and powerful tool for building static-progressive React applications and websites by @tannerlinsley and @nozzleio


React-Static is a fast, lightweight, and powerful progressive static site generator based on React and its ecosystem. It resembles the simplicity and developer experience you're used to in tools like Create React App and has been carefully designed for performance, flexibility, and user/developer experience.

āš›ļø 100% React (and friends!) šŸš€ Blazing fast builds and performance. šŸšš Data Agnostic. Supply your site with data from anywhere, however you want! āœ‚ļø Automatic code and data splitting! šŸ’„ Instant navigation and page views ā˜”ļø Progressively Enhanced and mobile-ready šŸŽÆ SEO Friendly. šŸ„‡ React-centric developer experience. šŸ˜Œ Painless project setup & migration. šŸ’Æ Supports 100% of the React ecosystem. Including CSS-in-JS libraries, custom Query layers like GraphQL, and even Redux. šŸ”„ Hot Reloadable out-of-the-box. Edit React components, styles and even data in real-time.

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