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Pranav Pandey

Nothing is perfect but can be better. Developin...


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Android - Dynamic Support

A major update with support for dynamic colors on Android 12. · Version 5.0.0 on GitHub:
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Published on June 19, 2021 by Pranav Pandey


Hello everyone! My name is Pranav Pandey and I want to tell a story of Android development. I am a professional software developer and a little bit designer from India working on many technologies, especially related to Android.

I am a self-taught developer and working on Android since 2011 and now trying to set up my own app development business. In those years, I have faced many challenges related to self-learning and software development. Some of them I have already overcome and still finding solutions for the rest. My story is quite interesting as I have started with reverse-engineering the various Android apps and developing custom ROMs at XDA followed by the native app development in 2013.

Nothing is perfect but can be better. Developing such better things!

Then, I worked with a couple of start-ups for around two years and learned a lot during that period. I have also traveled to other countries and lead the software development of three Android devices. Thanks to all of my managers, team members and other co-workers.

Now, with the help of this page, I want to share my experiences with others in which I will reveal the various hidden secrets of Android and software development. I will also discuss some of the mistakes that I made in the past so that you can learn and improve on them.

Don’t be afraid of failures, it makes you more confident!

I always believe in open source projects and helping others as I have learned a lot from this community, so I am working on various open-source projects and giving back to the community. Please support me by becoming a supporter so that I can work on more free and open-source projects.

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Pranav Pandey

Nothing is perfect but can be better. Developin...