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Self-Defense, Community Defense: Self-Defense programming in NYC and beyond!


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Pop Gym is hosting the following events.

Past event
10:00 PM UTC
Monthly Self-Defense Workshop @ Brooklyn Pride
Past event
03:00 PM-04:00 PM UTC
Check out this free weekly yoga class at Brooklyn Pride!

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Hey all!

Hey!We're new here! Can't wait to meet all y'all and send you updates about the stuff we do! Check out upcoming events and ways to donate, we appreciate any and all help!Our big fundraising push right now is to raise some money to compen...
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Published on October 3, 2019 by Grey Cohen


Pop Gym is a queer+, body+, feminist 501c3 organization, looking to bring free/low cost and self-defense programming to folks who need it!

💜We're an open gym where folks can come to jump, run, punch, roll, sweat, and dance together; a place where people can meet to learn from and build strong bonds with one another; a place where our neighbors can come and learn skills that we hope can help them to feel empowered and to navigate the world with confidence and security. We seek to add to and expand upon the rich tapestry of New York community spaces, through a re-articulation of the recreational facility; we wish to develop a communal skill space.💜

🥊Pop Gym has a variety of programming that acknowledges our always transforming bodies, meant to meet folks at their individual educational needs. Education in our workshops is derived from the individual experiences and curiosities brought into the room. We have neither rankings, nor masters.🥊

🥋We strive to make Pop Gym a safe and secure environment, where we can work both from an understanding of the conditions that divide us and toward an intercommunal solidarity. We wish to engage in the process of community building while simultaneously understanding the need for practices that allow marginalized communities to discuss and develop in privacy. We try to meet people where they’re at.🥋

Toward athleticism without commodification or patriarchy—to strengthen ourselves and our communities.

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