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PHP Foundation Update, May 2022
Published on June 1, 2022 by Roman Pronskiy

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Hello, dear sponsors! This time our regular update is short. Check the PHP Core Roundup series for a detailed development log.

Interview with core developers

After the April update, Sebastian Bergmann published an interview with our sponsored core developers: Derick Rethans, George Peter Banyard, Jakub Zelenka, Máté Kocsis, and Ilija Tovilo. The other day we updated it and added answers from Arnaud Le Blanc. Check the interview to get a high-level picture of what guys are working on.

PHP Core Roundup

In the PHP Roundup #2 post by Ayesh, you can find a detailed log of what's been done and discussed regarding the PHP engine this month. 

We decided to rename the series from PHP Roundup to PHP Core Roundup to reflect the content better and emphasize that the roundup is only about the core of the language.

Send your questions about the roundup directly to or simply tweet at us: @ThePHPF, @Ayeshlive.

Thank you to our sponsors

This month we are glad to welcome new major sponsors who generously support the PHP Foundation:

Thank you, folks!

We’d like to give a shout-out to everyone for your continued support. 
We truly appreciate it – the PHP Foundation is all of us!

That’s all for today. Follow us on Twitter @ThePHPF to get the latest updates from the Foundation.

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