New Covid Variants and New Challenges
Published on June 15, 2021 by Felix J Levay

Dear friends of OMA, 

We’re writing to give you an update, and to ask for your help.

Like you, we’re glad the Summer is here, but there is still an alarmingly high number of families who are struggling to get by. Right now, we are providing food for hundreds of children and babies. We are also worried about the Delta variant and the end of the eviction ban.

We need to drive pledged donations - each £5 a month makes a huge difference.

That means we need your help spreading the word about OMA. 

The Good News and the Bad News

Most of us have had our first vaccine dose, which is fantastic. The sun is also doing a lot to raise our spirits.

But there are two things which worry us. 

Firstly, it seems very possible the Delta variant of Covid may give rise to a new wave of infections, and bring with it further logistical challenges. It’s more important than ever that we encourage one another to take the vaccines offered by the NHS.

Secondly, we are very concerned about the lasting economic damage to families on low income. A lot of businesses in Oxford have closed permanently.

As relief efforts wind down, many families are being left with nowhere to turn. The eviction ban has now ended, and on June 21st Oxford City Council will end the support that has allowed people to access food from Community Larders for free. 

We have seen what is possible when the city comes together - it’s vital we keep supporting one another.

What Have We Been Doing?

Last year, we used the Summer to get ready for the challenges Winter would bring. We plan to do the same this Summer.  A lot of people rely on OMA. We want to make sure we can keep supporting them sustainably.

Currently, our figures are:

  • Regular support for 567 adults, 341 children, and 62 babies

  • In May, we processed 253 emergency parcel requests, which went to 515 adults, 145 children, and 43 babies.

  • Over 500 Kitchen Collective meals a week, going to  at least 132 households

Be an OMA Ambassador

We need your help reaching as many people as possible. The single most important thing for us at the moment is driving up pledged monthly donations. A pledge of £5 a month makes a huge difference to us.

If you can’t afford it, or if you’ve already pledged (thank you!), please help us spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.

More importantly, be our ambassador! Explain why you think OMA is important to your family, friends, and colleagues. 

Please consider talking to some of the people in your life about OMA - every pledge counts. If everyone reading this convinced just one person to donate £5 a month, we would be financially secure enough to start taking on some of the many families on our waiting list.

Thank you again to all our donors and volunteers. Let’s use this Summer to make sure we’re ready for whatever the future holds.