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ownhealthrecord is all of us

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Thank you for supporting ownhealthrecord.


Your Medical Data are YOUR Data

I have started OwnHealthRecord as a project to provide people an easy way to save the own medical history on the own computer or private server, the installation is simple and the system is not overloaded with information the patient doesnt need. Your data belongs to you and not only to your doctor computer.

How it began?

I began to develop OwnHealthRecord because I often moved and every new doctor had only a piece of my whole medical history. For me and for future, it would be more complicated to get all information back together. Due I didn't found something similar easy and functional, I chose to develop it on my own. In Germany until now (2018), we don't have a centralized medical system where the patient can see its medical history nor the doctor can communicate and transfer the data to another doctor, in the health business, Germany is still analog and the patient has to care about that the medical history get send to the new doctor. So I wanted to make a patient-oriented system, so the Patient can write down its medical history and safe it on its own side.

Why Open Source?

I love Open Source, there are so much interesting technologies and applications out there which got developed by people who wanted to make it better or find a solution for a problem no one else solved better before. With my knowledge in Web and IT development I learned through the web and people who wrote blog posts about it, I were able to begin the developing of such a application. If every code where closed, not documented for other developer, I would never be able to make it. I want to keep OwnHealthRecord open source, so people can modify it for the own needs or share it with other.

System Requirements

My target was to give all people the abilty to run the application on its own server. For that reason I decide for PHP, due its work on nearly every server on the world. You only need PHP 7 and MySQL/MariaDB and you can use it :) There are no further dependencies like Postgres or Node. Due even on shared host systems, PHP and MySQL are available.

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