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We support community-driven science through open source software, hardware, training, and project facilitation


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Create farm-level checklists for tasks like certifications, verification, or other requirements. Checklists can be simple ("check this box") to ac... Read more

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You will be able to link your FarmOS account to your John Deere Ops Center account and pull operations from JD Ops (tillage, planting, seeding, spr... Read more

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Plan templates give you the flexibility to easily create and quickly use common activities ('spring tillage', or 'corn after soybeans') by applying... Read more

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Track products from harvest to storage to sale and from lbs to bags. Enable external sales platforms, like Open Food Network, to get a list of al... Read more

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Ag-specific FarmOS map improvements, including effective listing / editing of fields, changing fields names, streaming field boundaries on the fly,... Read more

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Easily check logs as done, add notes and an image - while OFFLINE! Quickly create logs with a name, date, assignee, status, and image. Perfect fo... Read more

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Learning lessons from farms using FarmOS and other farm management platforms, we will make the highest value UI improvements for FarmOS: overhaulin... Read more

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We support community research

Any community is capable of solving even the hardest problems using their own skills and resources.  The cornerstones of successful community research are comparability of data and methods, validation of tools and people, scientific quality instrumentation, and a collaborative and equitable process.

We combine tech & knowhow

When modern communities and organizations tackle complex problems, one-size-fits-all solutions just don't work.  We have staff with deep domain knowledge to speak your language and help identify the best solution.

We help simplify your process

Starting and scaling data collection, analysis and distribution is hard.  There are lots of tools to tackle parts of the process, but almost none that do all parts efficiently, inexpensively, flexibly and easily.  We are a one-stop shop to support your data flow needs with experience, open source software and hardware, and in-house design/visualization support.

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