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A browser extension that hides misogynistic harassment from your Twitter feed

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Donate and help make our modeling as accurate and identity inclusive as possible.

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Support us so we can research how we can better aid reporting abuse to Twitter.

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Misogyny is multilingual, and so should our browser extension. Donate to help make that happen.

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Newsletter 26.01.20

Just brieflyLast week:- I attended and part of Computer, Privacy and Data Protection conference -> I'm going to write up my notes and send them out- We had our first meetup, twas great, you can see meeting summaries abo...
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Published on February 16, 2020 by Teresa Ingram

Newsletter 19.01.20

Welcome back my wonder lovelies :)So what's been going on since the return from holidays...well slow and steadily Opt Out Tools is still moving forward.What's gone down- We won our frist grant of $250 thanks to MG and @icculus (Twitter h...
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Published on February 16, 2020 by Teresa Ingram

newletters 15.12.19

Heeeeeeeeello peopleChristmas is coming and I'm Christmas-sively excited. :DSo there's some big news. Due to the recent election results in GB, 2019 will be my last year as en EU citizen. This means I need to get a "real" job in order to...
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Published on February 16, 2020 by Teresa Ingram


At Opt Out Tools, aka OOT, we’re building open source tech to help women engage with healthy online discussion.  We've built a browser extension that hides online misogynistic harassment and much more. To find out more go to our website.

We need your help. We want to carry on delivering software that solves real-world problems. With financial support from you, we can:

  •     Make our modeling  as accurate and identity inclusive as possible
  •     Misogyny is multilingual, and so should our browser extension 
  •     Research how we can better aid reporting abuse to Twitter

OOT is currently a community of around 15 maintainers and a few occasional contributors. We are all working in our spare time making this happen without financial support from external investors. Your money will help us cover our running costs. These include:

  •     Online safety training: By working on protecting our users from online hate speech, we put ourselves at risk from the attacks we're trying to stop. We need quality cyber safety training so we can protect ourselves while working on protecting others too.

  •     Cloud computing costs: Opt Out Tools is powered by a machine learning API that needs to be hosted in a cloud server. We need funds to make sure we can handle all user requests.

  •     GDPR advice/legal advice: We want to improve our algorithm accuracy and allow our users to customize their experience with our browser extension even more. This means we are likely to collect data from them. To protect our users and make sure we are GDPR-compliant, we would like to seek legal advice on the matter.

  •     Budget for hack nights & events:  Community is a big part of Opt Out Tools. As an open-source project, most of the research and engineering work is done by volunteers in the community. Community gatherings are becoming more important as we are moving Opt Out Tools forward and we would like to treat our volunteers to food and drinks during these events.

  •     Travel fund for members:  To spread the word and grow the community, our team members are happy to travel to conferences and to represent Opt Out Tools by giving talks or workshops. We would like to assist them financially with this.

Every single penny helps! If you share our vision of an internet without hate, please support us and consider donating, spreading the word on social media or telling your friends and family. 

We need funds so that we can carry on building software that supports the voice that society so desperately needs. Help out and donate today.

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