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Offcourse is an open source platform for crowdsourced learning and knowledge sharing- or as we like to call it- crowd learning.


Offcourse is an open source platform for crowd-learning and knowledge sharing.

The current job market is focused on 21st Century Skills which require acquiring knowledge fast and in an interactive way. Offcourse provides you with tools which helps one compile various knowledge resources to store in one place, and share them with people around the globe. Anything you find on the web can become part of your personal learning journey: blogs, video tutorials, podcasts, you name it.

Offcourse started as a side project called Coding the Humanities (based in the Netherlands) but since 2016 we function as a not-for-profit association. For the past year or so, Jan Hein (Founder and Developer), and his team have been running and developing Offcourse with the help from small start-up funds like CityLab010 in Rotterdam, and private investments by generous donors .

We believe in the benefits of transparent and interactive knowledge sharing. Instead of shaping the talent in a traditional way, let the talent shape itself. We invite all like-minded organisations and individuals to join the Offcourse community!

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