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Modernize the code, lower the barrier to onboard and retain more maintainers and contributors


We started a big refactoring of the 10+ years old code base of nock. Thanks to a sponsorship by Coinbase, we were able to to fund ~30h of initial work on the refactoring. You can follow our progress here:

The initial step is to extract the http intercept logic into a low-level module: `@nock/intercept-node-http`. Once the refactoring is completed and the new module has a new repository with documentation and 100% test coverage, we will move on to create two more modules

1. `@nock/queue`: The current API to register mocks and define assertions
2. `@nock/recorder`: Record a real request/response lifecycle. That will be used for nock's record & replay functionality

To finish the work on the `@nock/intercept-node-http` module we seek another $2,000. 
To create and use the `@nock/queue` and `@nock/recorder` modules, we estimate a need for ~$4,000 each.

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