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A decentralized, commission-free, local-economy focused online shopping platform. (And blockchain free)


Nile is a decentralized and commission-free shopping platform that promotes local economies. All the money you pay for goods or services goes directly to the seller. Nile is made to be, as far as possible, similar to the online shops you are already using. So, when you search for something, you will not even notice that you are using a decentralized system.

Not only on Nile will you find general goods, but also general services like car sharing. By using Nile you can create your own business employing a set of predefined components. For example, let’s imagine that John has a huge washing machine at home. With Nile, he can start a laundry business just by creating his online store. He may decide to use a timer component, so that his clients can keep track of their dirty laundry status. He may also add a map component in order for customers to know where John is when he is delivering the laundry.

We think that there are too many blockchain projects around, and people are often scared about this fragile environment. Nile’s architecture is built upon blockchain free technologies such as IPFS. We created an infrastructure that works at its best for a metropolitan area. Thus, searching for local services and products is promoted inherently by the technology.

Every aspect of Nile will be customizable, the seller decides his/her payment and delivery methods.

Nile is a federation of ecommerces: we propose a standard way to publish store information on distributed filesystems. If you already have a store on an external platform you are able to join the Nile network.

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