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Nile is a decentralized, commission-free, local-economy focused online shopping platform.



We live in a society in which huge corporations have the power to influence economies and trends. Today the big companies that owns the on-line market don't pay taxes, they underpay their employees, and they are disrupting local economies. We think that the world deserves a better alternative, so we decide to found Nile.

What is Nile?

Nile is a decentralized e-commerce platform that promotes local stores, and it's commission free: all the money you pay for a good or a service goes directly to the seller. Nile is made to be, as far as possible, similar to the on-line shops you already use; so, when you are searching for something, you'll not even notice that you are using a decentralized system.

How do you build a decentralized e-commerce?

Every city (or village) will have a Nile instance, the Nile instance is needed to group all the stores of your city so you can view them in a storefront like the one that you already use. All the Nile instances will talk to each other, so when you search for a product and it's not near to you (it means it's not in the instance of your city), you will find it anyway.   Stores will also contribute to the platform: every store will host its part of the system: when you buy a product, the computational cost of the operation is processed by the store. The store will have different ways to connect to the local Nile instance, if a store doesn't handle lots of requests then it just need a browser to be part of the network. If the store needs to handle thousands of requests per seconds then a more powerful architecture is needed but we will help configuring it.

How will you earn money?

Nile is supported only by donations, there is no advertising: inside the form that the buyer uses to send a purchase request, there is an unchecked check-box that suggests to the buyer to donate a small amount of money (in the order of tens of cents) to the Nile Foundation.

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