Open Collective
Open Collective

New School Mutual Aid Fund



This funding platform was created by a small group of The New School faculty and staff to assess the needs of staff and part-time faculty who've been laid off and where they may need support and to see how staff and faculty at TNS can help.

Our intention is to come together and to support the community now and in the future.

We recognize that many needs come down to financial concerns, and to that end we are reviewing options for a mutual fund, with fundraising to begin soon. Mutual aid however, provides avenues for other support like driving someone to get groceries, doctors appointments, child care, etc. The form is mutual: for those who need aid and for those who may be able to offer it.

If you are a TNS current or former (due to the furloughs or terminations) staff, PT Faculty, or FT faculty in need of aid, please fill out this form for TNS mutual aid.