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NEUROMANCERS is a community organisation and radical magazine for and by neurodivergents!


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NEUROMANCERS is hosting the following events.

08:00 PM UTC
A safe and friendly space for those who identify under the Cluster B umbrella. Based on Discord w...Read more


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06:00 PM UTC
A space for those who experience psychosis and/or hallucinations, focusing on our interpersonal r...Read more

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Past event
05:30 PM UTC
Offering structured peer support in navigating our sensory, social, and internal worlds. Based on...Read more

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Past event
05:00 PM UTC
This is a psych trauma survivor only space. By psych trauma, we mean trauma by any aspect of the ...Read more

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Past event
03:00 PM UTC
Trauma-informed peer support group for people who experience dissociation and/or who identify as ...Read more

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Past event
05:00 PM UTC
A Constellation for queer neurodivergents to be gay, build community and do *alleged* crime...Bas...Read more

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NEUROMANCERS is a Black and queer led community organisation and radical magazine for and by neurodivergents.

Being Black and queer led does not only relate to who leads the space, but the Black radical lineages and inspirations that guide us. NEUROMANCERS is largely UK based, although some of our team members live on occupied Turtle Island. NEUROMANCERS is a space for solidarity and education about systems of oppression, focusing on the most marginalized people affected by those systems. However, we don't exclude others who are willing to put in the work to actively decolonise themselves and the world around them. We hold a range of ages, races, identities, and experiences but are united in our goals for liberation.

We are not experts, but learn through lived experience, and as abolitionists are welcome to accountability. To us, to be neurodivergent is not only related to our neurology but also a commitment to diverging from and annihilating systems of normality by allowing our creative, resilient brains to dream up worlds of liberation. Neurodivergency is inherently political, and liberationist politics are inherently divergent. The connections between freedom movements are undeniable and this is no exception for disability justice. We are part of (or are accomplices to) the LGBTQIA+ community; Black, brown and indigenous peoples; disabled people; youth and children; prisoners; the working class; nonhuman animals; and marginalised workers, such as sex workers. 

We explore neurodiversity through a utopian and unbinary lens at the intersections of all these identities by…
  • publishing articles and essays discussing neurodiversity and anti-oppression;
  • caring for our mad, mentally ill, neurodivergent and disabled (MMIND) community through Peer Solidarity;
  • centring multi-marginalised Black and brown people with mutual aid and wealth redistribution; 
  • encouraging collective education on the topics of capitalism, abolition and liberation;
  • building spaces of intimacy, knowledge, and autonomy where we can NEUROMANCE or ‘fall in love with our neurodivergency’.



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Welcome to our new platform!

Published on June 25, 2022 by NEUROMANCERS

Hello everyone! We are now using open collective for Constellation and other event booking due to their open, transparent and community oriented approach. This will allow all of us to be more involved and aware of NEUROMANCERS doings, there...