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March 2019 Nerves Project Update
Published on March 6, 2019 by Frank Hunleth

Wow, it has been way too long since we've sent out a project update through Open Collective. Hopefully, you've been able to follow us via Twitter or conferences or the Elixir forum to hear what's been happening. As always, I want to express my utmost thanks for supporting us. We do have bills and knowing that the community is chipping it is incredibly motivational.

Here are some project and community highlights:

  • Nerves v1.4 with support for Elixir 1.8's new mix target feature. This looks minor, but it cleans up a number of issues and annoyances with regular usage of Nerves.
  • NervesHub is still private beta, but has been getting production use at LeTote and FarmBot. Most importantly, we're building out accounting so that we can fairly bill companies for their use and then open it.
  • Our cryptographic authentication board for Raspberry Pi users, the NervesKey, is entering production. The NervesKey securely holds private key material for TLS connections to NervesHub. This can also be used for AWS IoT and other services that use client-side SSL certificates for authentication.
  • Elixir Circuits is out. This library can be thought of as Elixir/ALE 2.0. It is faster, has several API fixes, and supports highly requested features like GPIO pull-ups and pull-downs.
  • Justin and I have joined the new embedded working group of the Erlang Ecosystem Foundation. We're looking forward to collaborating with the GRiSP team and others to improve embedded Elixir.
  • We're also working with the GRiSP team to support the GRiSP 2 Kickstarter. This project is very important since it gives our teams a common platform for collaboration. It also will add a processor to our official list that's popular with many industrial embedded users.

Thanks again!

Frank and Justin and Connor and Greg