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Nedap is an international company located in the beautiful eastern part of the Netherlands. We are more than 80 years young, and over the years we have constantly reinvented ourselves to stay relevant and make the biggest positive impact on the world. The fact that we are this long around gives us a unique long term vision. We are passionate to solve the problems of tomorrow. That is what we call Technology for Life.

At Nedap we understand the importance of Open Source software. Open source software is at the foundation of many of our products. We develop some of our libraries as Open Source, because we think we can help move a field to the next level when everyone has access to this technology.

But we also understand that a lot of developers are building their excellent software from their homes, in their free time. Some of these projects have become crucial to the software world. We as Nedap want to take our responsibility and support these projects financially. For this reason, we have joint Open Collective.

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FOSS combined with a vision is one of the most ...