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ND Queer Collective

The ND Queer Collective is a collaborative effort providing access to services that support ND Queer individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs as they work toward economic security.


With high rates of discrimination in schools, healthcare, housing, and the workplace, neurodivergent and queer individuals are often unable to achieve economic security, even when they have the skills to do so. The ND Queer Collective is a collaborative effort providing access to services that support ND Queer individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs as they work toward economic security. In turn, these individuals are able to pay it forward and support others on a similar path overall building a more economically secure global community.

We envision a world where neurodivergent & queer folks have access to and experience economic security without sacrificing their individual qualities, needs, and desires. 

We advocate for neurodivergent & queer individuals, professionals, and entrepreneurs starting and working in businesses that are authentic to their whole Selves and fully within their integrity.

  • We are each complex beings with unique, yet interconnected social identities that afford us advantages and disadvantages. This intersectionality must be taken into consideration in our relationships—with Self, others, and in the workplace
  • Every person has the right to be valued and to achieve success; problem solving and action taking is essential to ensure that everyone benefits from this basic human right
  • Connection with others is a basic human need and we all have the right to create and speak our needs for connection as well as our boundaries for it
  • Authenticity is a basic human need and we all have the right to be exactly who we are in all of the spaces we are in
  • Consent is needed in ALL areas of life; understanding and being able to navigate the full range of consent is essential to healthy & integrous relationships with our Selves, others, and the environments that we are in.
  • Provide coaching and consulting services to neurodivergent and queer individuals, professionals, and small-business owners who do not currently have financial means to access these services
  • Collaborate with like-minded folks on projects that financially support individuals, professionals, and small-business owners in the neurodivergent and queer community
  • Create products that provide value to and serve neurodivergent & queer folks
  • Be present within the community
  • Share in an authentic and transparent way
  • As we grow, employ neurodivergent & queer individuals to have adequate capacity to serve our growing community

Your support will provide individual clients with coaching for self-advocacy to identify their needs, the support options for those identified needs, and strategies for communicating their needs with others.  

Neurodivergent and Queer-owned small businesses may benefit from the services above as well as creation of products and systems to support executive function needs of those utilizing the systems. 

All funds will be used to support client needs of neurodivergent and queer individuals and small business owners who do not have the financial capacity to access requested services. Although some of our contributors provide services for larger organizations, no funds from the ND Queer Collective will be given to large organizations. Our purpose is to address the economic security needs of individuals and small-businesses. Larger organizations wanting the services provided by anyone within the collective will be referred to that person directly and will not be funded through any of our projects.

About the Founder
Angela Locashio, aka Mama Pistachio, is a professionally licensed educator and coach. She is a certified clinical sexologist, sensory environment strategist, and community advocate. She holds a Master's of Education in Curriculum & Instruction as well as membership in:
  • Autistic Self-Advocacy Network
  • Modern Military Association of America
  • American Board of Sexology
  • American College of Sexologists International
  • World Association for Sexual Health
  • World Association of Sex Coaches. 

Angela's studies have focused on education, human sexuality, nervous system regulation, sensory processing, the stress response cycle, psychological safety, workplace well-being, and burnout. Her intersectional approach addresses the needs of individuals as whole people who should never have to choose acceptance over authenticity; both are necessary for overall wellness and to avoid burnout. 

On a personal note, Angela is a proud neurodivergent, queer, military spouse and mom. She is the founder of the ND Queer Collective, co-hosts the Drudgery and Dreams Podcast, and is a founding member of the Umbrella Alliance.  When not working, Angela can be found researching all the things, playing D&D with her family, and killing zombies.

*A neurodivergent (ND) person is someone who has one or more co-occurring neurological conditions that may cause disability when interacting with or moving through their environment or in relationship to other people.

*A queer person is someone who does not adhere to the heteronormative social script.

Heteronormativity is the belief that heterosexuality is the ‘acceptable’ sexual orientation of society. It follows the perpetuation of social norms, defining which gender role identities and sexualities are considered  ‘standard’... It also follows the viewpoint that cisgender people (meaning those whose gender identity corresponds with their birth sex) in opposite-sex relationships are the standard kind. It’s said that this thought process is often coded into minds through various heteronormative societal influences.” 


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Published on October 7, 2022 by Angela Locashio