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End of Summer Update!
Published on September 29, 2022 by Jenna Lapidus

 Dear all,

In August, Mutual Aid Books (MAB) took a bit of a break from tabling at events and decided to hold a retreat so that we could discuss which projects feel most in alignment with our values. The first part of the retreat took place at the end of the month and was full of rich discussion that culminated in some clearer project ideas that MAB hopes to pursue in the future.
A second part of the retreat is in the works for October!

In September, MAB tabled at the event Let the Grief Bloom, a queer anarchist invitation to communal possibility. This event featured a reading titled Things That Make Me Feel Less Lonely by Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore, an art installation by Grey Ellis and Katie Twiss, and a communal grief altar. Mattilda curated a list of books for MAB to bring and they were so well received, we left the event with every single book taken!

Members of MAB have also been attending co-creation meetings for a mutual aid gathering that is being organized by Black Star Farmers which will take place on October 22nd.

An important reminder about request timeframes: we have decided that we will need a 3-week heads up if you are interested in working with us. If your request is time sensitive, please send us your requests at least 3 weeks in advance. Due to supply chain issues, we need a bit more time for books to arrive. At the very least, this gives us the wiggle room to come up with alternative options of books to order. Ideally, please reach out to us with any (time-restricted) requests a month in advance. If there are any books that you would love to see at our pop-ups this fall, or if you are hoping to work with us for an event or to support your book-club/study group, please feel free to send us your suggestions via email at seamutualaidbooks (at)

As always, stay tuned to our social media for any updates or pop-ups at @mutualaidbooks on Instagram.

With care + solidarity,
Milo (and the rest of the folks with Mutual Aid Books)