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Open Collective
Fiscal host issues
Published on August 1, 2022 by Katie Roskams

Those of you who donate regularly via Open Collective may have encountered some problems this month (if so, we're sorry about that). 
This is boring but just in the interests of transparency! We're trying to switch fiscal hosts (groups on Open Collective who take on financial and legal responsibility for smaller groups like ours). When we first set up, we had a fiscal host based in Belgium, which of course meant that everything was done in Euros. This was costing us and our donors a fair bit in financial fees, so we wanted to switch to one using pounds. Our mutual aid friends in Newcastle are ready and willing to help, we're just waiting on Open Collective for a couple of weeks now to allow us to make the switch. To make that switch, the balance has to be at zero.
We're trying not to allow this to affect the most important thing for us - food provision in the community larder - and we're hoping ths will be resolved very soon. Thanks for your patience!