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Open Collective
Update on Polar Vortex funds/efforts from a resident of the encampment
Published on February 10, 2021 by Jene

Over the past five days, the Northside Mutual Aid Open Collective has received more monetary support than ever before. Our initial goal for fundraising this week was to house Near North encampment so everyone would be safe and warm against these disturbing low temperatures outside.

With all the support we received from our communities, we were able to help folks find shelter in hotels for the week across four camps. As of today, 30 individuals are warm and fed. 

This additionally allowed residents a brief respite to think and talk in warmth as they prepare for the threat of destroying the camp from city. Exactly one week ago, Erik Hansen with the Minneapolis Office of Community Planning and Economic Development put up signs declaring that the camp had to be closed. He can be reached at his office at 612 673-5159 or and asked to explain the incoherence and cruelty of forcing people out of a safe home in the cold.

Donated money not used for hotels this week will go towards the residents' goal of establishing more permanent shelter for themselves as a community. The Near North residents seek a building or buildings to permanently house at least twelve people currently living in proximity together, with cooking facilities, showers, and extra temporary rooms sufficient to support currently houseless people all over the city. A small apartment building would be ideal to serve as a base of operations for the growing mutual aid work that the camp does. Even empty land that could be given to the residents or held in trust, that residents would not be at risk of being kicked off of, would allow the many talented builders of shelter and community that have found each other in this camp to continue to put latent or newly found talents to work.

As we continue to strive as a community to keep each other safe this week, we all graciously thank you for contributing, sharing and following along with the struggle.

People over property always!