Vitamin D Supplements

Vitamin D deficiency is very likely in Minnesota in the winter, especially for people with more melanin. Vitamin D is important for good health, and may even help staving off or recovering from COVID-19. Please make sure to get supplements for yourself, and donate to get supplements for others. $4 is enough to get a month's worth of Vitamin D to a person— we'll be starting in the Near North camp and expanding it to everyone we can.

Scientific evidence indicates vitamin D reduces infections & deaths from COVID-19, so more than 100 scientists, doctors, and health authorities call for immediate widespread increased Vitamin D intakes to combat COVID-19.  They recommend adults supplement vitamin D intake with 4000 IU (100mcg) daily, with people not receiving this amount and especially people with dark skin to take 10,000 IU (250mcg) daily for 2-3 weeks, and then continue with about 4,000 IU.


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