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MobX 6 has been released
Published on November 14, 2020 by Michel Weststrate

Dear sponsors!

Thanks for your ongoing sponsorship! It has enabled us to release MobX 6 last month, which unified MobX 4 and 5, and is prepared for upcoming changes in the JavaScript standard such as new semantics for class fields, and a new decorator proposal. With MobX 6, we also have cleaned up and rewritten most of the documentation. All info about the MobX6 release can be found here:

Beyond that we're happy to announce that Jamon Holmgren of Infinite Red, long term users of MobX-State-Tree, will be seeing to its maintenance in the future. Finally, a one pager cheat sheet of the MobX 6 is available for free for all sponsors, just send us a message for a redeem code if you're a sponsor!

Thanks again!

The MobX team