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Reviving Minecraft Pi and its community.


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Hello there!

We are a group of developers and a community built around the concept of reviving Minecraft Pi (MCPI for short), a port of the popular game Minecraft to the Raspberry Pi, which was sadly abandoned around 2013 (8 years ago!). This edition was meant to help children learn about programming via an API, so most of the "original" community was made up of programmers...

Around 2019, a group of developers started working on MCPI-related projects independently, and eventually, they met, joining forces. In 2020, a Discord server was made public, and the project gained some interest, but it wasn't until this year that the community started growing constantly, and today it has more than 600 members, so we're happy to say that the revival was successful.

We have opened this collective because we are planning to offer cheap (only 5 USD per month) and powerful MCPI server hosting, based on MCPI-Reborn (one of our core projects), with mod support, and more! You can also make a custom one-time or recurring donation if you want to financially support the project in another way.

If you want to get more info, please check our GitHub organization to see our projects, join our Discord server to chat and ask for help, and go to our webpage to see a list of useful resources and documentation.

Thank you for reading!

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