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Maza Guzmán


I’m a Chicago, IL expat living in Pasadena, CA with my girlfriend and our modest menagerie of pets and plant friends. 🪴🐕🌺🐈🧑🏽‍🌾🐈‍⬛ I’m currently enrolled in SheCodesPro (Javascript & React), but I’ve been freelancing as a web designer/developer for almost 10 years and earned my MBA in 2019.

My favorite work is ”efficiency hacking”--using tools like Airtable to save organizations thousands/millions of dollars in operational and managerial costs. Additionally, I love brand development, specifically for green, progressive, intersectional startups/co-ops/orgs/companies. My mission is to empower young intersectional climate activists who know that to secure a livable future, we need to sustain economic support for BIPOC organizers while demonstrating Green New Deal feasibility. #greennewnow #intersectionaljustice #socialentrepreneurship

Please don’t be shy; I’m genuinely interested in connecting to people near and far! Feel free to check out some of my work at