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Matic Zavadlal

I am an open source enthusiast, I love GraphQL and I love Elm! 🎉



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-$320.00 USD
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-$274.00 USD
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-$650.00 USD
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Matic Zavadlal

Hi, my name is Matic, and I am an open source enthusiast. I love to participate in large​ projects with great potential and learn new things from people I meet along the way. I spend a lot of time rethinking how and why I should pursue a particular problem to make sure the outcome will be the best possible.

I am also the creator of graphql-shield and Emma CLI which are both open source projects backed by our fantastic community.

I love exploring new possibilities​ with GraphQL and work on Elm projects as a hobbyist. Contact me on Twitter if you want to talk or read my articles on Medium to learn more about myself. ​