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Lettercms is all of us

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LetterCMS started as a project to stop using Blogger and have control of what I could do with the CMS (and I don't like Wordpress). Little by little this project took shape, many ideas came, to integrate platforms avoiding the user to use external tools to achieve something simple.

There LetterCMS was born. But what is LetterCMS focused on?

Obviously, as the name says, it is a CMS, but it is focused on attracting and engage users. Attracting them within the different channels (social media, email, notifications) and offering personalized content. And also facilitate the creation of content for new creators and offer quality tools for experts.

Among the features already integrated are:

  • Direct publication on social networks
  • recommendation system
  • collaboration system
  • integrated analytics
  • image bucket
  • API
  • All the advantages of NextJS
In addition, there are still many ideas to integrate and improve.

My vision as the creator of LetterCMS is to improve and facilitate the way content is created and distributed. Maybe not to replace platforms, but I want to offer the best platform to create, promote and distribute audio, video or text content. I want this platform to be open and free for creators, I want the project be from the community for the community, so that designers, marketers, developers, writers, podcasters, even YouTubers can support and benefit from it.

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