Open Collective
Open Collective
Growing the Garden
Published on March 23, 2023 by Rev. Drew Stever

The temptation is to move into scarcity mode, but the reality is that people's needs are being met.

We began 2023 with roughly $4,000 in the Open Collective pot, and with in the first 3 months, we have distributed roughly $3,000 to members of Koinonia. 

Some might say, "OMG people are taking more than their share! We're running out!"
No. People are living in a culture that does not allow for us to care for ourselves without further suffering. So people are getting those needs met and then some. And the pot replenishes itself.

This also highlights the problem with our healthcare system in the United States. A prediction as to why so many of the requests made were greater than $100 is because of the high deductibles we are forced to pay at the beginning of the year. Historically, queer and BIPOC folks don't have the disposable income to just cover that and be okay. So there's more stress at the beginning of the year when there are health needs. 

As a community, we are helping one another meet those needs by contributing regularly each month to the Open Collective fund.

Thank you to everyone who gives to the pot - whether you are a member, a sustainer, or a one-time giver. The faith leaders in your circles need care and this is just one small portion of care that you all give (and receive) as a gift. 

This is gardening work. Little by little, we make an entire raised bed of kale, cabbage, carrots, and more. We all chip in.

If you know someone who would benefit from receive support from Koinonia, or someone who cares about providing care for faith leaders from marginalized communities, invite them to become a contributor. Invite them to help grow the garden.  

Let's keep showing up for each other in the ways that we can and know how.