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Impact House is a co-working, meeting and event space dedicated to societal impact and innovation.



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05:00 PM-08:00 PM UTC
Funds For Good and explain how to obtain financial return and have a real societal impact...Read more

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Impact House is a dynamic hub in the heart of Brussels, dedicated to societal impact and innovation. It is the home and meeting point of people who are passionate about creating entrepreneurial solutions to social and environmental challenges. People that challenge the status quo and pursue a durable, positive impact in society.

It is built on the conviction that economic and societal revenue can, and should, go hand in hand. We believe we should leave behind the traditional distinction between social and for-profit and evolve to a model where these worlds reach out and strengthen each other, with the common goal to shape a better future. That business should be a force for positive social and environmental innovation. And that sustainable impact can only be achieved if we work together, on all levels, and think long term.

In the Impact House social entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs, supporting organizations, impact investors, inclusive corporates and civil society come together. It’s a place where people can be are inspired, new collaborations can grow and innovative solutions can be are co-created. A small but ambitious co-working and event space with ‘heart, innovation and entrepreneurship’ at its core.